About PLC Strele

Our company Strele startet it’s activity in 1998. Up to 2011 the company functioned under the name Oksalis Jums, and since 2011 changed it’s name to PLC Strele (VšĮ Strėlė in Lithuanian).
The company carries out it’s activity – trading of shooting and leasure equipment, organization of entertainments and archery practice – at it’s own indoor shooting range in Vilnius. We periodically organize archery tournaments, shooting and other entertainments at private and public festivities and at our own archery shooting ranges.
The members of Strele archery club actively represent their organization participating in tournaments both in Lithuania and abroad, and with their achievements popularizing this sport.
We have created our internet TV channel Strele TV, where our original educational material about archery is placed. We also put efforts to popularizing of bowhunting and trying to spread the correct information about it in the society, to the theoretical and practical preparation for the future bowhunting.
After gross and retaill trade of archery goods was developed, we started the serial manufacturing of leater products of our own brand for archers. Since 2012 we export our leather archery products.

Club Constitution


Person, having own archery equipment and familliar with Club’s constitution and shooting safety instructions, can become Club member. Archer, for obtaining membership, has to present filled application form to Club authorities and pay membership fee.


Member of the Club has following rights:
1. To use Club’s archery ranges at stated hours free of charge
2. To attain free technical consultation during the Club time
3. To wear Club’s signs and uniform and represent the Club


Club member must:
1. Pay membership fee
2. Try be an actyve participant of Club’s activity
3. Respect other members of the Club and Club’s heraldy


Club memmber loses his membership if:
1. Ceases to pay membership fee
2. Intentionally breaks Club regulations
3. Discredits the neme of archer