Aerial target shooting



Its‘s a great fun doing archery with bow and exclusive Flu-Flu arrow, while shooting at areal targets!

Special machine launches light and safe disk shape foam targets for the participants of entertainment to shoot at with Flu-Flu arrows. These are the special arrows which if the target is missed, are parashuting down as they quickly lose speed because of a great drag caused by hese fluffy fletchings. This means it is great – there is no need for a long walk to collect your arrows! Target launcher can be adjusted according to your prioroities and needs: with slower pace of target launching – for beginners or kids, or more intense and with greater velocity – for more experienced shooters, team, or individual competion finalists. The angle of the launching is adjustable as well, so if the sun is blinding you or there are other reasons to lounch your arrow lower or higher – no problem, that is entirelly possible.

Anywhere at the open space we can organize this entertainment for Your celebration or event. Bow and arrow perfectly fits for outdoor activity, so if you planing an outdoor trip – this is your bulseye shot, as areal target archery is the best choice! The entertainment is also safe for kids!