Archers Show


Have you ever seen how squad of archers ignites its long tarry arrows with the flame of bonfire, and how these arrows flower with flame? Did you happen to se how they all line in one row, en masse draw their bows and raise them to the dark velvet of the night? Have you ever heard how after sergeant’s yelled out command they at once lose their bow strings and how they whirr propelling skywards the flock of firebirds? Have you ever seen how they wheeze when cutting the air and then swoop down? No? What a pity then for you would have something to remember and something to tell others. Our archers offer all of this to se it with your own eyes. Do believe you’ll have impressions long lasting… We propose this unforgettable scene for solemn opening and closing ceremonies of your gala night. Arrows could be shot either to the water or to ignite the occasional straw statues or bonfires.

100 m long and 30m wide open area
Coordination with local fire safety officials (in case of public property)

QWe can come to any your chosen place in Lithuania.