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Product Code: Kodas

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We will find it! We sell products from more than two hundred manufacturers, and if you can not f..

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Spin-Wing Wrapping Tape Black

Product Code: 075012

2.50€ Ex Tax: 2.50€

Wrapping tape for Spin-Win vanes 1 pcs...

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Bohning Hot Melt Cool Flex

Product Code: 073017

3.00€ Ex Tax: 3.00€

Optimised for installing arrow points and inserts. Low temperature activation protects arrows and ..

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Bohning Hot Melt Ferr-L-Tite

Product Code: 073043

3.00€ Ex Tax: 3.00€

Optimised for installing arrow points and inserts. Provides a durable and impact resistant bond. ..

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Gas Pro Hot Melt 20 cm.

Product Code: 073048

3.00€ Ex Tax: 3.00€

GAS PRO 20cm Hot Melt Glue for Points, developed and produced in Italy...

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Fletching Tape Eli Vanes

Product Code: 075002

3.90€ - 21.00€ Ex Tax: 3.90€

Fletching tape from EliVanes. It associates a high quality and a great adhesive capacity. It is avai..

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Gas Pro Hold Tape For Spin Vanes

Product Code: 075008

5.90€ Ex Tax: 5.90€

Gas Pro Hold Tape For Spin Vanes Colours: Red Blue White Purple Yellow Black Clear..

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Bohning Glue Fletch-Platinum

Product Code: 073004

7.50€ Ex Tax: 7.50€

Ahesive for fletching plastic vanes The next generation in fletching that works on all shafts and pr..

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Fletching Tape Bearpaw

Product Code: 075009

8.90€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

For the swift and durable fletching of arrows. Double-sided tape with extremely simple handling. Jus..

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Saunders Glue NPV

Product Code: 073002

9.00€ Ex Tax: 9.00€

Considered the best and most advanced nock and vane cement in the archery industry today. Arrow Mate..

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Gas Pro glue Flash

Product Code: 073049

13.50€ Ex Tax: 13.50€

The Gas Pro  Flash Glue is specificaly developed to fletch all kind of plastic & feathers o..

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Eli Vanes Wrapping Tape Performance

Product Code: 075010

15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Eli Vanes Wrapping Tape Performance Adhesive tape with very high adhesive efficiency, available i..

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Bohning Feather Fletching Tape

Product Code: 075001

16.50€ Ex Tax: 16.50€

Creates a strong, reliable bond on contact. Easily applied; one roll contains enough tape to fletch ..

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TopHat Glue

Product Code: 073050

19.50€ Ex Tax: 19.50€

For installing components and fletches on aluminium and carbon shafts Instant bonding. F..

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Bohning Blazer Bond Bottle

Product Code: 073041

20.00€ - 30.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

"Instant" bonding reduces overall time spent fletching or installing components. Suitabl..

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Spin-Wing Tape 10 pcs.

Product Code: 075005

20.00€ - 23.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Extra lining tape for Spin Wing vanes. Used to wrap the end of vanes..

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XS Wings Fletching Tape

Product Code: 075011

25.00€ - 35.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

Fletching tape for securing spin vanes to the shaft Pre-cut for easy use Range of sizes to sui..

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