Medieval Arrow with Rope Cutter Arrowhead

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Product information "Medieval Arrow with Rope Cutter Arrowhead, 30 in."
Medieval Arrow with Rope Cutter Arrowhead, 30 in.

Wooden arrow in authentic medieval style with stained 11/32 shaft and crescent-shaped or bifurcated arrowhead commonly known asrope cutter.

It is considered fairly unlikely that an archer would have indeed been able to sever a rope in one shot with this type of arrow. Itis presumed that such arrowheads were rather used for hunting applications.

- Length: 30 in. (approx. 76.2 cm)
- Diameter: 11/32 in. (approx. 8.7 mm)
- Spine: approx. 60-70 lbs
- Self nock
- Natural 3-feather-fletching, 5 in. (approx. 12.7 cm), with traditional brown wrapping
- Arrowhead: rope cutter, approx. 300 grs.