Arrow head TH Bullet-Forms Steel black

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Bullet-Forms This classical form is often used in connection with target shooting. It saves targets and it is easier to pull. Available in the following materials/sizes: Steel black: 5/16: 70, 100 gn | 11/32: 100, 125 grs. Fixation with the assembly tool and shaft former provides the safest way.Arrow heads with threaded cylindrical receptacle No more shaft sharpening The blunt untapered shaft is turned onto the head using a pair of pliers (self tapping thread). An extra tapering tool is not required! No more gluing AArrow head can be screwed onto the blunt shaft without the need for adhesive. The self tapping thread prevents the head from detaching itself! Auto-centring head Arrow head centres itself as the shaft end is screwed into the conical area at the front section of the head which leads to improved ballistic properties and higher accuracy. Longer shaft life The wooden shaft is protected by cylindrical casing directly at the point where the most violent impact and splinter forces occur. Easy removal from the target The diameter of the head is somewhat larger than that of the shaft which widens the point of entry and noticeably improves arrow removal from the target. In order to provide a smooth transition from the head to the shaft, the head casing has a slightly chamfered edge at the bottom.