Bohning Vanes Ice 12 psc.

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Brands Bohning

Product Code: 044072

Low profile plastic vane from Bohning. Developed in cooperation with and used by Pierre-Julien Deloche and Dominique Genet Key features:

  • Made from Bohning's Blazer material, known for its superior durability, an advantage for compound archers as vane keeps its shape even if it comes into contact with the target
  • Already coated with Bohning's primer, which is designed to react with glues for a super secure fit
  • Best fletched with an offset of 1 or 1.5 degrees for the best combination of grouping and clearnace
  • Best for use with a 100grn+ point and/or thin diameter heavy shafts such as Easton X10 Protour, Carbon Express Nano Pro and others like this.
  • Wide range of colours available

Height: 3" Length: 2" Weight: 6.5 grains