Battle of Arrows


Paint-ball went boring? The same goes with airsoft and alike? May be you would like to go back to the roots and try your strength, agility and marksmanship with bow and arrow? The new entertainment in Lithuania – “Battle of Arrows” – is an active team game, where the team of your friends or colleagues will be armed with real bows and arrows adapted to shoot at each other. Specially upgraded arrows and protections will prevent you from injuries. Shooting at each other is safe and extremely joyful activity.

In a specially equipped hall, turned into battlefield labyrinth, two teams fight each other trying to “shoot down” as many as possible enemy archers and to complete other tasks, for which points are given. Competition takes several rounds until time expires, and a top scored winner team is announced.

We also can arrive at your festivity or event! We’ll bring all equipment, set up the game field and organize a real battle at the place chosen by you. Good-sized field and crew eager for an adventure are the must.

Special bows, armguards, helmets and safe soft tipped arrows – all this will be supplied. Experienced instructors will teach you how to use an equipment and explain how to shoot and score where you wish to. Whether you become a hero of the night, and how many enemies will “fall” from your marksman shots, depends only on you.

For this game you’ll need clothes, which do not restrict your movements, and sports shoes. Minimal age of the players – 10 y/o. Take with yourselves good mood, fighting spirit and desire for victory, we will take care about the rest.

“Battle of Arrows”  Price – 1 hour/ €100.00  minimum order 2 hours.