Bearpaw Bowstring Wax
4.50€ Ex Tax: 4.50€

Wax is based on 100% natural beeswax. It has been developed and intensively tested together with bow..

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Bow Bearpaw Hopi
399.00€ Ex Tax: 399.00€

Key features: Length: 60" Draw weight: 25-45 lbs. (with 5 lbs. Increments)..

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Bow Bearpaw Mohican
299.00€ Ex Tax: 299.00€

Bow Bearpaw Mohican 60" The Mohican sits really securely and firmly in the hand even before the arro..

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Digital Spinetester
359.00€ Ex Tax: 359.00€

One of the most important precondition for successful shooting and good results is the exact definit..

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Fletching Tape Bearpaw
8.90€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

For the swift and durable fletching of arrows. Double-sided tape with extremely simple handling. Jus..

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Plastic Taper Tool
5.50€ Ex Tax: 5.50€

Functional and economical Taper Tool for point and nock cones. Sizes: 5/16“, 11/32“ and 23/64“..

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