Bow set Sanlida Miracle X 10

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Brands Sanlida

Product Code: 0130234

Extremely beautiful anodising ILF riser for Olympic. - 6061-T6 aluminum through advanced processes with well strength and hardness. - Advanced full CNC machined riser with excellent straightness and balance. - Ergonomic wooden grip. - Layered foam core limbs. - Made of high-strength cross carbon. - Advanced design of limb tips make the initial speed faster. Set contains: Miracle X10 riser, Miracle X10 limbs, 1x bowstring, 1x cushion plunger, 1x arrow rest, 1x clicker, 1x recurve sight, 1x pin sight damper, 1x riser damper, 1x long rod stabilizer, 2x short rod stabilizer, 1x stabilizer extender & 1x stabilizer v-bar.