Bow Kit Sport XXL

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Product Code: 011057

If you wish to have a bow of different poundage or length, or accessories of a particular color, please specify this in the comment, we will change the kit and advice you accordingly. The best-selling basic model designed for novice archers and for recreational purposes. As long as the bow is a take-down one, it is especially convenient when you travel. Bow kit includes: Recurve bow with arrow rest and bow string Bow sight Stabiliser set 6 carbon arrows 80cm x 80cm x 7cm target matt 60cm paper target face and 4 target pins Side quiver with belt Arm guard Finger protection Bow stand Bow backpack Colors may differ from those shown in the photo The bow comes with 18-28 pound limbs and is of standard 68” length which makes it suitable for both men and women as well as teenagers.