EK Whipshot Compound Bow Package

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Brands EK

Product Code: 012063

EK ARCHERY Whipshot - 15-50 lbs - Compound bow with Magazine

The EK ARCHERY Whipshot is a compound bow with magazine that can shoot up to 6 arrows in one stroke. The bow is loaded directly with the hand by pulling the rapid shot device, which also has the mechanical release for the release. After the first shot, the bow is reloaded by pushing the device all the way to the string and pulling it back again. The Whipshot offers, in addition to a fast draw, good handling and quick shot release, accurate target shooting through the included red-dot sight. The magazine can be loaded with up to six 15-inch arrows and is equipped with an additional retainer for nocks and a hold-down.

Speed: 240 fps (approx. 263 km/h)
Draw weight: 15-50 lbs
Let-off : 70%
Draw length: 22 inches - 28 inches
Axis-to-axis: 27 inches
Weight (bow only): 6.4 lbs (approx. 2,903 g)
Length bow: 29.9 inches (approx. 75.96 cm)
Length magazine: 31.5 inches (approx. 80.0 cm)
Magazine capacity : 6 arrows (15 inches)
Hand : Right Hand