Bow Buck Trail Metis

Product Code: 011106

85.00€ Ex Tax: 85.00€

Length 60″ Weights 20,25,30, 35, 40 lbs...

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Oak Ridge Mongo Hybrid bow

Product Code: 011111

115.00€ Ex Tax: 115.00€


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Bow Ragim Squirrel

Product Code: 0130102

117.00€ Ex Tax: 117.00€

Squirrel is a longbow suitable for young shooters who want to try the instinctive and traditional sh..

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Bow Ragim Fox

Product Code: 0130100

127.00€ Ex Tax: 127.00€

Fox longbow does not fear comparisons in terms of performance and price. The handle is made of exoti..

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Bow Oak Ridge Boga

Product Code: 011104

130.00€ Ex Tax: 130.00€

Power 25 lbs., 30 lbs., 35 lbs., 40 lbs., 45 lbs., 50 lbs., 55 lbs. Handle Left Handed, Right Handed..

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Longbow Buck Trail Kite

Product Code: 011110

130.00€ Ex Tax: 130.00€

Great looking longbow from Buck Trail. Limbs consist out of maple wood and fiberglass. Limb ..

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Bow Oak Ridge Tikana Hybrid

Product Code: 011095

135.00€ Ex Tax: 135.00€

Bow length: 56" - Brace height: 7" - Wood specs riser: Ebony - Wood specs limbs: Bamboo wi..

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Bow Ragim Fox Custom

Product Code: 0130101

140.00€ Ex Tax: 140.00€

Fox Custom is a longbow with clean and elegant lines, made with walnut wood and clear fibreglass off..

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Bow White Feather Osprey Black 68

Product Code: 011093

140.00€ Ex Tax: 140.00€

Longbow from White Feather. Key features:  Black fibreglass backed limbs for a sleek look..

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Bow Oak Ridge Beli Shorty

Product Code: 011114

145.00€ Ex Tax: 145.00€

Bow lenght: 58" - Draw weight: 25-60lbs (increasing by 5lbs) - Brace height: 7" - Wood spe..

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Bow Ragim Wolf Custom

Product Code: 0130104

145.00€ Ex Tax: 145.00€

Wolf Custom is a longbow that with clean fibreglass and walnut handle, is perfect for archers who lo..

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Bow Ragim Wolf

Product Code: 011071

149.00€ Ex Tax: 149.00€

Wolf is the perfect longbow for archers who want to experience the emotion of instinctive archery at..

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Bow Buck Trail Black Hawk Premium

Product Code: 0130358

155.00€ Ex Tax: 155.00€

Bow Buck Trail Black Hawk Premium Length 68” Weights 25 to 50# (increments 5 lbs) RH or LH..

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Click to enlarge Bow Oak Ridge Beli Lengthy

Product Code: 011115

155.00€ Ex Tax: 155.00€

Bow lenght: 62" - Draw weight: 25-55lbs (increasing by 5lbs) - Brace height: 7" - Wood spe..

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Bow Falco Legend

Product Code: 011001

175.00€ - 230.00€ Ex Tax: 175.00€

Legend is the most manufactured Falco longbow model, which rightfully according to its name has alre..

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Bow Falco Twin

Product Code: 011013

199.00€ Ex Tax: 199.00€

Falco Twin became popular immidiately after it was included in our collection - it is in fact a univ..

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Bow Falco Storm

Product Code: 011035

240.00€ - 270.00€ Ex Tax: 240.00€

Draw weight - up to 60# Bow length - 54" As the newest addition to our collection The Storm was..

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Bow Falco Spirit

Product Code: 011002

245.00€ - 275.00€ Ex Tax: 245.00€

Falco Spirit is the model used by many competitive and recreational archers. Owing to its advantageo..

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Buck Trail Elite Tigon Hybrid bow Tigon

Product Code: 011090

300.00€ Ex Tax: 300.00€

Bow length: 56" - Draw weight: 25-55 lbs (increasing by 5lbs) - Brace height: 7-8" - Wood specs rise..

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