Crossbow recurve Ek-Archery Cobra R9 Standart

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Product Code: 014035

The fast shooter handling this carbine crossbow uses an integral (cocking) lever. The power stroke of the Cobra R9 with a length of  7.5“ (19.05 cm) with a shot using a 130-grain 7.5“ carbon bolt with a muzzle velocity of 240 fps, almost double the kinetic energy of a traditional pistol bolt! The limb set with 90 lbs can be quickly removed and uninstalled without any tools, so the crossbow can be stored in a briefcase or a bag. This simple disassembly complies with EU requirements where the crossbow must remain inoperative during transport. An ergonomically designed frame and pistol grip with a coupling device properties (so-called tube) – which allow the addition of an AR-style folding or telescopic stock. The R9 Cobra has several very well-placed Picatinny rails that allow to fit different accessories. This latest edition of the Cobra is a serious leader. Seller’s opinion: And it’s here! A specialty with a unique cocking system of lower cocking using a lever which is secured, respectively locked at the bottom of the stock and controlled with one hand, which makes it very efficient – it is fast and easy while the safety lock mechanism is firm and stable. The design of the R9 is really superior, the crossbow handle is slightly larger than with the classic high-performance crossbows, which leads the shooter to greater certainty. Unique is the disassembly which consists of two pins with which you can easily pull the limbs set and stock. You should also be aware of the performance where we do not compare shooting with a classic bolt but with a special bolt of a diameter of 8 mm with a muzzle velocity of up to 240 Fps. The Standard package does not contain the additional telescopic stock. You can see the unexpected precision of the weapon when shooting at a target, interesting are also the fixed 4-point sights with which shooting at a shorter distance is shockingly precise. We can label the crossbow as a peculiar specialty which stands out from the general category where it is definitely the number one.