Medieval Cutlery, 3-piece Set, hand-forged

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Brands S.P.Q.R.

Product Code: 1700019

This hand-forged set of medieval cutlery is composed of a knife, a two-pronged fork and a spoon. Each piece features a shapely wrought, twisted handle.

In the Middle Ages, such cutlery sets were a staple of any traveller's gear, a fact reflected in their German name - Kutscherbesteck or Fuhrmannbesteck - which literally translates to coachman's cutlery or waggoner's cutlery.

The 3-piece set comes complete with a double stitched case / pouch made of brown suede.

Although this nice, rustic travel cutlery set is not rust-proof and hence not food safe, it is still a great addition to any medieval reenactor's equipment and an ideal prop for medieval markets / camps and reenactment, living history or larp events!

- Material: forged iron (not stainless)
- 3-piece set consisting of a knife, a fork and a spoon
- Incl. brown suede pouch
- Knife: approx. 21 cm / 80 g
- Fork: approx. 23 cm / 65 g
- Spoon: approx. 20.5 cm / 80 g
- Total weight (incl. pouch): approx. 285 g