Folding Stool with Leather Seat

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The folding stool has been in use throughout the ages, with its basic design remaining unchanged from its first known use by the ancient Egyptians to the Roman period, the Middle Ages and right up to modern times. Its portability made it a popular choice with both religious dignitaries conducting ceremonies away from their diocese (faldstool) and military commanders during campaign (field stool). It also found a place in private homes, where it very much became a status symbol, with ornamentation and elaborate inlays being added. Due to the X-shaped design of the frame, this type of folding seat is also known as a scissors chair or X-chair. While a simple piece of furniture, the folding stool endured in its appeal and found its way into many aspects of everyday life.

The finely crafted portable stool we offer here is inspired by the backless folding chairs of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The extremely sturdy iron frame features curved legs forming a wide X and is topped with a comfortable, thick leather seat that is sewn and attached with heavyweight stitching. The hinged frame gives it the ability to be folded, making it easily transportable and space-saving when not in use.

Seamlessly fitting in with any historical era with ease, its rustic yet timelessly elegant appearance makes it an excellent addition to any camp (Roman, medieval, etc.). But this lovely, both useful and decorative stool is not only an ideal companion for historical settings such as Roman camps, medieval markets and other re-enactment, living history or larp events, but also a stylish piece of furniture for any home, patio or balcony.

- Material: carbon steel frame, brown leather seat
- Leather thickness: approx. 3 mm (approx. 5 mm on the reinforced edges)
- Seat height: approx. 52 cm
- Seat (LxB): approx. 53 x 45 cm
- Dimensions when folded (HxLxB): approx. 74 x 49 x 31 cm
- Weight: approx. 8 kg