GFC Tactical Evo Plus Stalker protective mask with ear protectors

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Brands GFC Tactical

Product Code: Kodas

 Stalker type protective mask with an enlarged surface protecting the ear area. The outer part is made of  nylon , while the inner part is filled with a mesh sponge to improve the comfort of use  .

The steel mesh is covered with a laminate that protects against weather conditions and rust. The use of a mesh does not muffle ambient sounds, and the mask can be used with a headset.

Thanks to its shapeability,  the mask can be adjusted to the shape of the face, and stability is ensured by four adjustable straps with a wide central tape. Choosing such a mask allows good air circulation and limits the accumulation of water vapor on eye protection.

ATTENTION!  The mesh does not provide ballistic eye protection. For ASG games, you must also wear certified safety glasses under the mask.

Technical data:
Material: steel, nylon
Weight: 160 g