GFC Tactical ASG helmet Fast PJ Piloteer

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Brands GFC Tactical

Product Code: Kodas

High-quality  FAST PJ helmet made of durable plastic. The lining is based on sponges whose positions can be changed to  perfectly fit the helmet to the shape of the head .

The 4-point suspension  is equipped with  an easy and quick adjustment method. The closed system design means no loose, protruding strips. The adjustment range is increased by the rear module for adjusting the diameter of the facade, using a knob. The facade and suspension elements, which are the support and support points, are covered with moisture-absorbing material.

The helmet is equipped with  a modular mask made of mesh, which can be easily removed if necessary. Disassembly is done by pressing the lock buttons on both sides of the helmet, which allows you to slide the mask off the special mounting rails. The cover is equipped with high-quality vision glass. Good air circulation and the ability to adjust the installation of windows at the appropriate distance from the face result in  no fogging effect .

External, integrated mounting allows the installation of a night vision device. A large part of the shell's surface is covered with Velcro , which allows you to attach patches or identification elements. 

ATTENTION!  The product does not provide ballistic eye protection and its use for this purpose is not intended!

Technical data
Material: plastic
Size (circumference): 56-66 cm
Weight: 900 g