For centuries been forgotten, this several thousand years old of way of hunting is alive again! Bowhunting is not only another method of game taking, but also a challenge to the hunter. It demands more skill, better physical shape and a permanent archery practice. It is silent, it is ecological. This way of hunting is more ethical for it gives greater chance to the game and requires more mastership from the hunter.


Bowhunting education programme

What is it?

This is an international bowhunting education programme for hunters willing to hunt with bow and arrow.


The founder of National (USA) Bowhunting Education Foundation Bill Wadsworth dedicated his life to the education of young bowhunters. In late 1967 he and a small group of bowhunters met in outskirts of New York for one purpose: to write a book about bowhunting. They had a simple aim: to find the way how bowhunters could receive  all information about bowhunting BEFORE they take risk in the woods learning by trial and error method. These meetings resulted in a book which was  issued by New York State Field Archery Association and printed in 1969.

Through the supportance of NFAA the International Bowhunting Education Program – IBEP was lectured increasingly in more states and later in Canadian provinces. 1979 IBEP was restructured into nonprofit organization separate from NFAA and known as National Bowhunter Education Fundation (NBEF). Every ear about 70 000 bowhunters being educated according to IBEP programme which is still under administration of NBEF.  

About courses

Bowhunter‘s courses consist of theoretical and practical parts which both are adapted to spcifics of bowhunting. The duration of this educational programme time is 25 hours and usually is three days of intense learning with archery shooting test included.   Courses comprise of three sections:

1. „Hunting with bow and arrow“: in this topic you familiarize with history of bowhunting, it‘s benefits, challenges and motivations.

2. „Wild life conservation“: you get the introduction to principles and methods of wild life conservation, wildlife management and protection of biological divesity and game identification.

3. „Safe and responsible hunt“: in this topic you learn about archery and bowhunting safety, responsibility and public image.

4„Know your bow and arrows“: you learn how to chose appropriate equipment, how tune and maintain your bow and suplementary equipment. Bow types, arrows and accesories.

5. „Preparation for the hunt“: bowhunting clothing and camouflage, basic stages of archery, archery practice and it‘s importance, preparation for taking the game.

6. „Usage of bow stands and other bowhunting techniques“: studens learn about ways of bowhunting and their specific features. Safety of bowhunting from tree stands, using of additional safety implements. Usage of lures, calls  and  other measures for bowunting.

7. „Shot placement and game recovery techniques“: students learn game anatomy, game reaction to the shot and after reaction, proper shot trajectories and placement, relevant bowhunter‘s positions and strategies. Game recovery techniques (blood trail, footmarks and other marks left by the animal).

8. „Preparation before going to the field“ – hunt planing. Knowledge of endurance in the wild, essential survival equipment, first-aid basics in bowhunting situations.  Orientation skils: analysis of topografic  maps, proper usage of compass. Diseases most commonly appearing during hunt situations, their symptoms and overcoming solutions.

During the courses most theoretical knowledge will be solidified by practic.  Special attention is payed to learning of shooting technique; to the using of bow for hunting; to the anglysis of footmarks and other marks left by the game during it‘s recovery; to the safety during bowhunting from various elevated platforms; to the stalking skills.

After completeng the courses, students take shooting and theory examinations. After passing exams, students receive bowhunter‘s IBEP licence which is accepted by most world legal bowhunting countries. For example to bowhunt in Republic of South Africa you need to have IBEP licence, but hunting is allowd only after listening additional course with mostly payed attention to selection of the game, it‘s anatomy and bowhunting methods.

Courses are designed for hunters willing to add bowhunting as additional way of hunting. The students must have state hunting license and courses are only supplementory education.

Minimum groupe consists of 5-6 students. Courses are lectured in Lithuanian. If there need appears english and russian grupes can be formed.

Teaching being conducted by 2-3 instructors. Place of courses – Vilnius, however upon agreement they may be held in other cities or countries.

For hunters who have no archery parctice we offer a supplementary „Bowhunter course“ which consists of:

Introduction to bow types and accessories

Choosing of bows and accessories. Tuning

Basics of archery technique

Practical shooting sessions


Bowhunter course–200.00  Eur. per person

Courses are lectured if there is a minimum group of 5-6 students. Group can not be biger than 15 students.

Courses are lectured irrespectively of students‘ number

Information about Courses

Lithuanian,  English

Information on bowhunting in EU countries: