LARP Crossbow bolt, Round Headed 43

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Product information "LARP Crossbow bolt, Round Headed, 43 cm, various colours"

LARP Crossbow bolt, Round Headed, 43 cm, various colours

The most important thing with a LARP crossbow bolt is the safety and this is guaranteed with a safety head. The manufacturer guarantees this with a 4 year warranty.

The LARP arrow impresses with its durability, precision and range. The padded head made of polyurethane foam has excellent damping properties and is extremely tear-resistant. The inlay is eye-safe and tread-proof.The shaft is made of modern glass fibre composite material, which does not cause any injuries in case of breakage and is also more durable and very flexible. It is well adapted to the usual LARP bows and guarantees a high accuracy. The fletching is generously dimensioned, captive and almost indestructible. It is designed to completely enclose the shaft and thus cannot break off.

- Total length: approx. 43 cm
- Weight: approx. 45 g
- Suitable for LARP crossbows with max. 18 joules pull weight
- Available in many different colour variations