Leather Belt with Bronze-Silver Coloured Wolf Head Buckle

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Brands Medieval

Product Code: 0900104

This item is sold on a pre-order basis. Such order is executed in a period from 3 to 50 working days. Returns of quality goods are not accepted.

Whether in black or brown, with a hook in bronze or silver, this belt matches tunics, capes, medieval trousers and LARP clothing or simply modern jeans.

If the wolf's head hook is not needed on the belt, it can also be removed and is also usable as a garment clasp or clasp for bags.

- Sizes / Circumferences:
S: 74 - 90 cm
M: 84-100 cm
L: 94-110 cm

- Dimensions:
Belt: approx. 3 cm wide, approx. 2.5 - 3 cm thick
Belt hook: approx. 6 x 4.5 cm

- Material:
Belt: leather
Belt hook: die-cast Zamak alloy