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Hand-Forged Medieval Utility Knife, approx. 21 cm

Product Code: 110479

20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

This hand-made utility knife is based on original finds from the early and high Middle Ages. These ..

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Early medieval knife with suede sheath

Product Code: 110432

25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

Typical form of an early medieval utility knife. The knife is hand-forged from carbon steel. Deliver..

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Hand-Forged Medieval Utility Knife with Sheath

Product Code: 110478

27.00€ Ex Tax: 27.00€

This hand-forged 440 stainless steel knife is based on original finds from the high Middle Ages. ..

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Medieval Utility Knife with leather sheath, approx. 23 cm

Product Code: 110483

30.00€ Ex Tax: 30.00€

Beautiful middle-age knife, hand-forged from 440 steel. The knife rests comfortably in the hand. ..

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Kitchen Knife, 23.5 cm, incl. Sheath

Product Code: 110494

35.00€ Ex Tax: 35.00€

Details: - Material: 420 stainless steel - Overall length: approx. 23.5 cm - Blade length: approx..

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Sgian Dubh incl. scabbard

Product Code: 110481

35.00€ Ex Tax: 35.00€

Sgian Dubh is a small, hand-forged, Scottish knife with an ornamented wooden handle. The name com..

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Medieval table knife with sheath

Product Code: 110484

59.00€ Ex Tax: 59.00€

This very beautiful reconstruction of a late medieval table-knife shouldn’t be missing from any meal..

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Small Seax Knife with Damascus steel blade and scabbard

Product Code: 110497

79.00€ Ex Tax: 79.00€

This beautiful and handy replica of a utility knife from the Viking Age has a bone hilt and a seax-s..

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Otzi Knife, Condor

Product Code: 110460

80.00€ Ex Tax: 80.00€

Ötzi is one of the Europe's oldest natural preserved mummies. He is a treasure to the archaeological..

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Viking Folding Knife with Damascus Steel Blade, Bone Handle

Product Code: 110495

85.00€ Ex Tax: 85.00€

This Viking pocket knife features a 256-layer Damascus steel blade. The handle is made of bone and a..

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Viking Seax with Wire-Wrapped Grip

Product Code: 110491

89.00€ Ex Tax: 89.00€

Although most popularly associated with the Vikings, the seax, also called scramasax, was used acros..

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Norse Dragon Knife, Viking-Knife, Condor

Product Code: 110480

99.00€ Ex Tax: 99.00€

The Norse Dragon Knife was conceived as a historic classic knife from the Viking Era. It has a wide ..

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Small Viking Seax, Bone Grip with Norse Motif

Product Code: 110241

100.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

Small Viking Sax Knife with Bone-and-Brass Handle in Norse Style This small Viking Age utility sa..

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Lost Roman Knife, Condor

Product Code: 110454

105.00€ Ex Tax: 105.00€

In London, one of the "Lost River" beds deep underground was excavated, and an archeological discove..

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Roman Dura-Europos Dagger With Scabbard, 3rd c. AD

Product Code: 110482

105.00€ Ex Tax: 105.00€

Dura-Europos (also Doura-Europos or Dura-Europus) was a fortress city originally founded in 303 BC o..

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Viking Long Seax with Leather Grip

Product Code: 110489

110.00€ Ex Tax: 110.00€

This Viking Age sax knife (also called a scramasax) features a long EN45 spring steel blade with a t..

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Large Huron Knife, Condor

Product Code: 110424

115.00€ Ex Tax: 115.00€

The popular Navajo or Huron gets a big brother with the Large Huron Knife, a more capable version of..

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Norse Dragon Seax Knife, Condor

Product Code: 110434

115.00€ Ex Tax: 115.00€

Expanding on the Norse Dragon Knife collection, the Norse Dragon Seax Knife features a broken-back s..

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Small Viking Seax, Bone Grip in Borre Style, 9th/10th c.

Product Code: 110492

115.00€ Ex Tax: 115.00€

This small Viking Age utility sax knife (also known as a broken back seax due to its particular blad..

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