Lined Medieval Tabard with Crosses, brown

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This calf-length tabard is made of sturdy cotton fabric (canvas) and is fully lined. The torso part is cut straight up to the waist and flared and slit in the skirt part. The checkerboard-like color division (MiParti) and the applied paw crosses give this weapon costume its individual look.  The tabard (also called tunic, tunic, tappert or surcot) came into being in the 12th century and was worn by knights over their armor or mail armor. It protected the wearer from sunlight on the battlefield and the different color combinations made it clear in the thick of battle who was enemy and who was friend. Tabards were worn by many crusaders to identify themselves as crusaders.  There are numerous depictions of medieval tunics, for example in the Maciejowski Bible (also Crusader Bible), a medieval picture Bible from the 13th century, and in the Codex Manesse, a song manuscript from the early 14th century.  The simple, straight cut is typical of the tunic. To give the tunic some waist, we recommend combining it with a leather belt.  

Details: - Available sizes: S/M/L, XL/XXL - Color: brown/beige brown - Material: 100% cotton - Total length for size L: approx. 124 cm (measured at the center back)

Care instructions: We recommend hand washing  

Size Chart - Men - Tabard Size S/M/L         XL/XXL

Chest circumference (in cm)     92-108       116-120  

This is how you find the right size: To determine your dress size based on your body measurements, please measure horizontally at the widest point. For tops, please use your chest measurement as a guide. If you are between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. Comfort additions are included in the cut.  Please note: Only the tabard is sold! The other items are available separately in our online shop.  As authentic as possible, as modern as necessary! This medieval weapon dress is part of the Battle-Merchant collection of historical clothing and medieval clothing for men, women and children. From the first drawing to the last needle stitch, this garment was planned, designed and manufactured with genuine craftsmanship with particular attention to detail. When it comes to our clothing, we base our clothing more or less exactly on their historical models, grave finds or museum pieces, if they exist. We keep changes, e.g. to adapt to today's sizes and working methods, to a minimum. Convince yourself!