Viking Shoes, Hedeby Style, turn-sewn

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Brands Ulfberth

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These shoes are very authentic reconstructions after findings from the viking city of Hedeby (Haithabu, near Schleswig, Germany), which are dated back to 900-1150 AD. The pattern is a high cut with lacing around the shaft both above and below the ankle. The shoes have typical raised heel, which is common for Northern-European shoes of the early Middle Ages.

Please note:
The durability of these turnshoes is not comparable to modern footwear. They are sensitive to asphalt and gravel. We recommend shoe inserts and wearing pattens.

- Material: vegetable-tanned cowhide
- Colour: light brown
- Soles: approx. 4 mm
- Leather upper: approx. 1 mm
- Available sizes: 40 - 47