Nikon rangefinder Lazer 50 -1820 m.

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Brands Nikon

Product Code: 1400004

The LASER 50 has a solid design and features a high-durability and magnesium-alloy die-cast body, providing measurement capability up to a maximum distance of 1,820m/2,000 yd. The most advantageous feature is that there are four selectable measurement display modes. (Horizontal distance and angle mode, Actual distance and angle mode, Horizontal distance and height mode, Actual distance and height mode). An easier-to-view red OLED internal display, and an automatic adjustment function that automatically finetunes the display brightness according to the surrounding ambient light level, are incorporated. Thanks to HYPER READ, the measurement response is stable and speedy regardless of the distance to the target, and measurement results are displayed in approx. 0.3 second.