Kids battle



Brand new entertainment for children Kids Battle is an active team game where company of kids armed with power popper toy guns battle each other. Special soft harmless ball bullets ensure that your kids will have good time and tons of positive emotions.

Game is played at our archery range turned into battle labyrinth. Two teams battle each other trying to “bring down” as many as possible their foes using popper guns and “genades”, and gain as much as possible points. Game is played in several five minute periods until time ends, and top scored team is called a winner.

You’ll get special popper guns equipped with safe soft ball ‘bullets” and ball “grenades” Experienced instructors will shoow you how to use them. Whether you become a victorious hero and how many of your enemies “fall” from your bullets depends only on you.

To take part in this game you need to be dressed in your daily dress which doesn’t restrict movements and sporting footwear. Minimal age of players – from 5 to 10 years old. Bring with yourself good mood, warrior spirit and will for victory, we shall give you the rest.

There is a possibillity to bring with yourself snacks and soft drinks.

Price for 1 hour of Kids Battle – €100.00 TO BUY