Tactical target nr. 5

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For the realization of firing exercises themselves directly at the shooting range, a target device is one of the main tools. A well-made target not only increases attractiveness of training and thereby enhances motivation of present participants, but also leads to the necessary accuracy. Tactical targets have the following advantages:

  • color style and the most real form
  • two scoring zones, a vital medium "lethal hit", more marginal "hurtful", apart from this it was necessary to indicate so called "not scored edge", ie the extreme area where a hit would probably mean a scratch, but certainly not a more significant impulse to stop the opponent.
  • lines of a delimited zone with its shade only partially distinctive and therefore less visible from a longer distance, have to be clear only at the final assessment in close proximity
  • an anatomically depicted scheme of internal organs that will show at least a rough idea about the effectiveness of hit according to its present location, even these lines are sufficiently clear at sticking the target.
  • a blurred "smudgy" background which would not "shine" at night or dask and enable effective "night" training, moreover, would not create a clearly bad outline of a figure in terrain or from a long distance.