Bow Sanlida Osprey
120.00€ - 130.00€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

58″ T/D recurve Sanlida Osprey comes with aluminum alloy riser; pressure button, stabilizer and sigh..

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Bow set Sanlida Miracle X 10
1,050.00€ Ex Tax: 1,050.00€

Extremely beautiful anodising ILF riser for Olympic. - 6061-T6 aluminum through advanced processes w..

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Compound Sanlida Hero X10 II
879.00€ Ex Tax: 879.00€

Riser machined from Forged 6061 T6 aluminum and newly designed shoot-thru construction 40" ATA lengt..

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Sanlida Dragon X8 Pro Compound Bow Package
440.00€ - 460.00€ Ex Tax: 440.00€

Unmatched shape design, cozy hold feeling - Draw length adjustable, satisfying different demands. - ..

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Sanlida Chace Wind Crossbow
260.00€ Ex Tax: 260.00€

Drawweight: 90 lbs Finish: Black or Camo Net weight: 7.3 lbs Length: 35 inch Width: 29.3 inc..

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Sanlida Dragon X8 Compound Bow Package
269.00€ - 290.00€ Ex Tax: 269.00€


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Sanlida Hero X10 II Big Bow Package
1,499.00€ Ex Tax: 1,499.00€

Sanlida's Hero 10 II compound bow available as a package. The first premium target bow availab..

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Sanlida Hero X8 Target Compound bow package
415.00€ Ex Tax: 415.00€

Draw length (inch) 18-31 Draw Weight (Lbs) 10-60 Color Black Axle-to-axle (inch) 30 RH..

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Sanlida Sight X10 Compound
259.00€ - 269.00€ Ex Tax: 259.00€

The sight is with 6 inches and 9 inches extension bar,which is made of carbon fabrics for accuracy a..

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Sanlida X10 target recurve sight
239.00€ Ex Tax: 239.00€

Weight: 255.3g - The main body machined from 6061 aluminum - Two sight dampers included..

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Shoe Bow Support Sanlida X10
6.50€ Ex Tax: 6.50€

If you do Field or 3D archery, on the course you often have to stay in waiting for your turn to step..

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Armguard Sanlida X10
7.90€ Ex Tax: 7.90€

Features with Sanlida 3D structure. - Wind tunnel design, naturally cool feeling - Extremely light a..

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Armguard Sanlida X8
4.90€ Ex Tax: 4.90€

Armguard Sanlida X8 Features with Sanlida 3D structure. - Extremely light and comfortable to wear..

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Bow Kit Sanlida Beginner
135.00€ Ex Tax: 135.00€

Sanlida bow set for beginners  The set includes:  Bow, temple with finger rubber, si..

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Compound Sanlida Dragon 10
699.00€ Ex Tax: 699.00€

Large Cam: Axle to Axle: 33.5” IBO speed: 340fps Brace height: 6.4” Net weight:..

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Crossbow set Sanlida
369.00€ Ex Tax: 369.00€

Arbaletas Kolimatorius ir taikiklis Strėlinė Taikinys 50x50x30 cm. Penkios strėlės Te..

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