Summer Camp



Bowhunting summer camps are not only outdoor pastime with bow and arrow, it is also one of education steps in preparation to bowhunting. Here you can familiarize with the pecularities of bowhunting. Members of bowhunting camp master skills of distance judging, they learn how to aim for shot to be lethal when game is downhill or uphill and arrow penetrates it with angle, how to stalk game, know how to listen in the wild and distinguish noise of live being among natural ones, learn anatomy of game animals. There is a chance to try EBF (European Bowhunting Federation) bowhunting test during the camping time and to find out level of your preparation. In as pare time between archery and other exercises archers study video materials of bow hunts in countries with legal bowhunting, cook dinner in natural enviroment and chat at camp fire.