1. General rules
These purchasing – selling rules (further – “rules”) is the de jure obligatory document designating mutual rights, obligations, and liability of the Customer (further – “You”) and the Seller (further – “we, us”) when You buy goods in online shop (further “e-shop”).

2. The moment of entering into a Purchasing-Selling Contract
The Contract between You and us is considered as such since the moment You form the shopping basket, indicate delivery adress, choose way of payment, take cognizance of our Rules, and press “Order” button.
Each contract between You and us is saved in e-shop.

3. Your rights
You have the right to purchase goods in e-shop under these Rules and under the order determined by e-shop.
You have the right to decline the Purchasing-Selling Contract between You and the e-shop with exeptions when Contract is made for:
Audio and video production and phonograms in any audio and video media, delivery of computer programs when customer violates package protection;
Delivery of newspapers, magazines or other periodical editions;
To participate in games and loteries;
In other cases when Purchasing-Selling contract can’t be declined according to the Law of Republic os Lithuania.

4. You obligate
To accept ordered goods and pay for them the appointed price.
If there are changes of subbmited data in Your registration form, You must update them.
If during the moment of delivery without important reason you deny to accept goods, You must cover delivery expences and pay fine of 150.00 eur.
Using e-shop You agree with these Purchasing-Selling Rules and must follow them.

5. Our rights
If customer attempts to make harm to the operations and a stabile work of the webshop, we can without beforehand warning to limit, terminate his access to the webshop or to cancell his Customer’s registration.
We, if important circumstances appear, can pro tempore or completely terminate the webshop functions without beforehand information. We can ex-parte change tems of these rules.

6. We obligate
To allow You to use the services of web shop in a suitable way.
To deliver your ordered goods to the prescribed adress in the appointed period of time.
We, in the event of serious circumstances, being unable to deliver Your ordered goods, obligate to offer an analogous product, and in the case of refusal to refund Your payment.
7. The delivery of goods
The shipping of goods to be executed by us or our plenipotentiary representative.
At the moment of delivery you must together wit us or our plenipotentiary representative check the condition of the consignment.
The moment of signing The Invoice is the statement of delivery of the consignment.
In the event of receiving the trespassed consignment You must refuse to accept it and mark this in the waybill of the consignment. In the ocasion of acceptance of such a consignment and signing the waybill without the notes, it is to be treated as consignment being delivered in a propper manner and You having no claims.

8. Goods refund
Things returned in accordance with The Order of Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 “On The Approval of The Rules of Refund and Exchange of Goods”, 2001. June 29.
Refund object must be fully complete. You are responsible for the item to be refund being complete and properly. If an item is not fully completed and properly packed, we or our representative declines the return of the item.
Items must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. Packaging must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packaged.
You shall return your goods with Your transport with exception of cases when the item to be returned due to quality faulty of the product.
In case of returning the defective product, we commit ourselves to pick up a faulty product and replace it with a similar product of good quality. In the event that we do not have similar item, we will refund you the money paid for the product.

9. Responsibility
You are fully responsible for the correctness of the data submitted in your Registration Form. If you do not supply accurate data in the Registration Form, we decline our responsibility for the ensuing consequences.
You are responsible for actions carried out through the webshop.
You are responsible for the transference of the identification code to third parties. If a third party is using Your identification code, You are responsible for the actions of the third party.
We are not responsible for the information in websites of other companies even if you access these websites via the links found in our webshop.
In case of damage, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party caused the loss.

10. Product warranty
All goods are the subjects of manufacturers determined warranty terms. If the product fails during the warranty period, warranty service is free of charge (if the deterioration happened without Your fault) or replaced with analogous one.
All warranty conditions (warranty period, phones, etc.) Are specified in the guarantee booklet. Providing product for warranty service You must provide the proof of purchase (invoice, cashier’s check, lease documents, etc..) and a completed waranty booklet.

11. Information
We shall send all the messages to your in registration form
submitted e-mail. You must send all messages and questions to the designated e-mail adress or mail adress ( “Contact” chapter of the webshop).
12. Final Provisions
The rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
All disputes arising in respect of the implementation of these Rules are solved by negotiations. Failing to agre, the dispute to be resolved according to the treatment of the law of The Republic of Lithuania.