Termovizorius Night Pearl Scops 19 Pro

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Thermal imaging device with a good image User friendly model Short start-up time Battery life of 15 hours Can take pictures and videos Standby mode by pressing power button Optical Magnification 1,4 x Colour Palettes 5 Output Functions Photo and Video Detection Range 850 metre Battery Life 15 hour Display Type LCOS 720x540 pixels per inch Digital Magnification 2 to 4 x Warranty 36 month Memory 0 gigabyte Operating Temperature -20 to 50 degrees celsius Sensor Details Ceramic Asi, 17um Refresh Rate 50 (PAL) 60 (NTSC) hertz Field of View 19.5 x 14.7 degree Dimensions 16 x 6.2 x 6.2 centimetre Mass Weight 350 gram Sensor Resolution 384x288 pixels per inch Objective 19 millimetre Identification Range 250 metre Stadiametric Rangefinder No