Šalmas riterio fon Kornburgo 1375 m.

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Prekės ženklai Medieval

Prekės kodas: 110140

Šalmas riterio fon Kornburgo 1375 m.
Plieno storis 1,6 mm.
- Material: 1.6 mm steel
- Comes with chain mail aventail made of butted springsteel rings with an internal diameter of 8 mm
- Incl. a riveted padded cloth liner and leather chin strap
- Finish: blued and lightly oiled

Size chart:

Size Max. head circumference Inner distance back- to forehead approx. Inner distance ear to ear approx. Weight approx.
M 62 cm 22.5 cm 19 cm 3.4 kg
L 64 cm 23.5 cm 19.5 cm 3.6 kg